Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three, Testing...

(Don't you just *hate* it when they whistle into the mike after that?)

This is the Test Conference. It is mostly for testing the software
at this point. Later, users can use it to test all the features, 
or we can throw it away and start over.
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1  Test Conference (janc)    10 responses 
2  Test 2 (jgabriel)    2 responses 
3  test (ndiam)    5 responses 
5  prova della conferenza (olddog)    2 responses 
6  Still can't find my earlier thread (njohn)    4 responses 
7  video test (mike)    3 responses 
8  Появится новый браузер уже в Windows 10, (mikadosi)    2 responses 

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