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You accessed help from the "conference" page. Things you might want to do from this page include:

Read all NEW responses in the conference.
This lets you see everything that has been posted to the conference that you haven't seen yet. There are two ways to do this: Either way, you will see the first item with new responses, when you have read it, use the button from there to read the rest.

Note that when you first join a conference, only a few items will normally be flagged as new, to keep from completely flooding you with new material to read. The rest are "unseen" until new posts are made to them.

See everything in the conference.
This lets you see everything, including things you've seen before. Select the "All" option from the list of possible ranges. This will give you a list of all items (except those you have forgotten). You can click on the first and then use the button to walk through the rest, you you can just click on the ones you are most interested in, using your "back" button to return to the conference list after each one.

See everything posted in the past 7 days.
Select "Activity within last 7 days" from the list of possible ranges, then click on the first item, or whatever you want to see.

See what you've forgotten.
It's possible to "forget" items that don't interest you. Normally forgotten items won't appear even in the list of "all" items. If you want to see them, and possibly restore them to your list of items, click on the "Forgotten" link in the list of possible ranges.

Forget an item.
There is a "Forget this item" link next to each item. Click it if you never want to see it again.

Change your name in this conference.
You can use a different default name or handle in each conference. You can edit the one for this conference from this page. This won't effect your name in any other conference, or your name in your profile.

Mark everything as read.
If you mark everything as read, then you automatically "catch up" with the conference. On future visits, only things posted after you "caught up" will be "new".

Enter a new item.
Want to start a new topic of conversation? Use the button at the top of the page.

Go to a different conference.
You can use the and buttons to go to the next or previous conference on your hot list. Or you can use the links at the bottom of the screen to return to the main menu to select a new conference or to type in the name of a conference you want to jump to.

Search the conference.
The button lets you search for words or phrases or posts by particular users in the conference.

See list of participations in this conference.
List the users who have been in this conference by clicking on the button.

Resign from this conference.
This deletes all records of which item and responses you have read. It also removes you from the list of participants.

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