Pistachio Backtalk Help:
Entrance Page

Read this first: Introduction to Pistachio Backtalk

The Entrance Page:

The Entrance Page is the front door to the conferencing system. Since there is a lot of traffic through this page, we have kept it short and simple. It displays any daily messages put up by the system administrators, and it gives a few commands to start reading conferences and configure your account.

If you want to set a bookmark so you can return easily any time you like, use the ``Bookmark'' facility of your browser to set a bookmark on this page.

On other pages, you will see lots of Entrance buttons. Clicking one of these will return you to this Entrance Page.

Getting to the Conferences:

Since the main thing people come to a conferencing system for is conferences, there are three different ways to get into the conferences from here. All of these will get you to the conferences home page for the conferences you choose: You can also edit your hot list of conferences using the ``Edit your conference hot list'' button. This is your chance to customize the list of conferences that the ``Read New'' button walks you through. (Note: You can't edit the hot list if you are an anonymous user, so this button won't appear.)

If you want to see a quick summary of how many active items there are in each of your hot list conferences, select the ``Summarize hot list conference activity'' button. This will bring up a list of you hot list conferences, each with its number of brand new items, and its number of items with new responses. There is an option on the option setting page that causes this summary to always be shown on the entrance page.

Pistachio can display a list of the most recently posted items and responses. By default, the 5 newest messages are displayed. The number displayed can be changed from the option setting page. Alternatively, you can use the ``List last postings'' button to goto a page that displays many more recent messages.

User Information Commands:

Normally all users of the Backtalk conferencing system will have accounts that they use to access it. Each user can set various options and make various personal information available to other users. The entrance page has two commands for accessing user information:

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