Pistachio Backtalk Help:
Hot List Page

Read this first: Introduction to Pistachio Backtalk

The Hot List Page:

Your ``hot list'' is simply a list of your favorite conferences. If you click on the Read New button on the entrance page and then use the Next Conference buttons on later pages, Backtalk will automatically proceed through all the conferences in your hot list in the order you have them listed.

All users start out with a default hot list created by the system administrators. You can modify this to suit your tastes by using the Hot List page.

Moving Conferences in Your Hot List:

On the top part of the hot list page, you will find a table containing your current hot list and some brightly color command buttons. To change the order of the conferences in your hot list, click on the ``Move'' button next to a conference you want to move. Backtalk will then display a new table showing your hot list with the the item you are moving deleted and with ``here =>'' buttons between each entry. Just click the ``here =>'' button that corresponds to the position you want to insert the moved conference.

Deleting Conferences from Your Hot List:

The current hot list table on the top of the page also contains a ``Delete'' button for each conference. Click on this to remove the conference from your hot list.

Adding Conferences to Your Hot List:

There are two ways to add conferences to your hot list. You can type the name of the conference into the conference name box and then click the ``Add It'' button, or you can simply click one of the ``Add'' buttons next to the entries in the list of conferences at the bottom of the screen.

Either way, you will next be asked where to insert the conference into your hot list. Just click the ``here =>'' button corresponding to the position you want it to be inserted into.

- Backtalk version 1.4.6 - Copyright 1996-2005, Jan Wolter and Steve Weiss