Pistachio Backtalk Help:
User List Page

Read this first: Introduction to Pistachio Backtalk

The User List Page:

The user list page allows you to list users on the system, either listing all users, or only those with names containing a string you type.

To list all users, leave the text box empty, and just click ``Do Scan''

To search for particular users, type any fragment of their name into the text box, and then click ``Do Scan''.

You will be presented with a list of users who matched your query. You can click on their names to find out more information about the user.

If more than 40 people matched your request, only the first 40 will be displayed. To see the next 40, click on ``More Matches.''

- Backtalk version 1.4.6 - Copyright 1996-2005, Jan Wolter and Steve Weiss