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Backtalk Demonstration Site Test Item 1: Test Conference
Entered by Jan Wolter (janc) on Thu Sep 29 16:59:02 EDT 2005:
Backtalk Crash

Backtalk Crash!

Fri Dec 15 18:31:32 2017

Oops! The authors of Backtalk are deeply sorry to confess that our program has failed to operate correctly. This is due to an error in Backtalk itself, or in one of Backtalk's script files, or in the configuration of the system. It is probably not due to anything you might have done. The page below contains an error message and a detailed dump of the state Backtalk was in when the error occurred. This may be useful to anyone trying to fix the problem.

All this information has been logged, but it may still be helpful for you to report this error and the circumstances under which it occurred to the system administrators.

Thanks for your assistance in getting the bugs out of this conferencing system. We sincerely and humbly beg your forgiveness.

ERROR: Could not connect to MySQL server database jv_btdemo as jv_6 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client
executing "get_attach" on line 186 of pistachio/ in call to procedure "show_text" on line 276 of pistachio/ included by "include" on line 146 of pistachio/

Version: Backtalk version 1.4.6

[(<P>) (Why do you need a test conference on a test system?\n<P>\nWhy history, of course.\n<P>\nBack in the dawn of neo-digital era, when dinosaur's roamed the earth\nand Picospan was the coolest conferencing software around, all Picospan\nsystems started with a "general" conference and a "test" conference.\n<P>\nSo, go ahead and continue the 25-year tradition of testing.  Test your\ntests here!\n) (<P>) (\n<TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0 WIDTH=100%>\n<TR><TD>) (<B>9 responses total.</B>) (</TD>\n<TD ALIGN=right><A TITLE="RSS feed for ) (responses) ( to ) (Backtalk Demonstration Site) ( ) (Test) ( ) (Item) ( #) 1 (" HREF=") (/cgi-bin/bt_demo-1.4.6/backtalk/) (cinnamon?conf=) (test) (&item=) 1 ("><IMG SRC=") ( (" BORDER=0></A></TD></TR>\n</TABLE>\n) (<P>)]
(<A NAME=)
( of )
( by <I>)
(Jan Wolter)
(</I> \(<A HREF="bio?login=)
( on )
(Thu Sep 29 16:59:43 2005)
(<BR><EM>\(edited )
(Thu Sep 29 17:12:18 EDT 2005)
(Speaking of testing. I should test file attachments.\n<P>\nHe's a picture of my kid.\n)
(<P><FONT SIZE=-1><EM><U>Attachments</U>:</EM>\n)
User Dictionary 0: spelling_button_src=(SRC=\ /bgn/spelling.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=50 BORDER=0 ALT="Spelling">) fw_show_button=(<IMG SRC=\ /brd/show.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=37 BORDER=0 ALT="Show">) pw_url=(/cgi-bin/bt_dem\ o-1.4.6/pw/backtalk/) fw_hide_button=(<IMG SRC=\ -1.4.6/image/pistachio/brd/hide.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=32 BORDER=0 ALT=Hide>) nrs=(2-$) vlinkcolor=() bodytags=() alinkcolor=() metatags=(<meta name="robots\ " content="noindex,nofollow">\n) scrolldown={...} register_url=(/cgi-bin/bt_de\ mo-1.4.6/backtalk/public/newuser) highcolor=(FF0000) fw_button_src=(SRC=http:/\ / HEIGHT=16 WIDTH\ =16 BORDER=0 ALT="=&gt;">) enter_button_src=(SRC=\ mo-1.4.6/image/pistachio/bgn/enter.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=36 BORDER=0 ALT="Enter"\ >) edit_button=(<IMG SRC=\ /bgn/edit.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=30 BORDER=0 ALT=Edit>) global_header={...} regbutton=(bgn) nisel=(3-$) conf_robot={...} entrance_button=(<IMG SRC=http://\ HEIGHT=16 WIDT\ H=57 BORDER=0 ALT=Entrance>) show_button=(<IMG SRC=\ demo-1.4.6/image/pistachio/bgn/show.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=37 BORDER=0 ALT=Show>) index_robot={...} hide_button=(<IMG SRC=\ image/pistachio/bgn/hide.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=32 BORDER=0 ALT=Hide>) itemlist_button=(<IMG SRC=\ o/bgn/itemlist.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=54 BORDER=0 ALT="Item List">) noforget_button=(<IMG SRC=\ o/ggn/forget.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=42 BORDER=0 ALT="Can't Forget">) offbutton=(g\ gn) nextitem_button=(<IMG SRC=\ achio/bgn/nextitem.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=60 BORDER=0 ALT="Next Item">) byline={...} readitem=1 logout_url=(/cgi-bin/bt_demo-1.4.6/backtalk/) format_conf={...} anon_url=(/cgi-bin/bt_demo-1.4.6/backtalk/) rpage=30 tmprsel=(0-$) breg=(<IMG SRC=\ chio/bgn/) format_resp={...} hand=(test-1-1.1/IMG_0523.JPG) erase_button=(<IMG\ SRC= HEIGH\ T=16 WIDTH=38 BORDER=0 ALT="Erase">) ignore=0 adm_url=(/cgi-bin/bt_demo-1.4.6/\ adm/backtalk/) textcolor=() show_text={...} nitem=2 linkcolor=() logout_button=(<IMG SRC=\ bgn/logout.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=48 BORDER=0 ALT="Logout">) nonextconf_button=(<\ IMG SRC=\ HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=71 BORDER=0 ALT="No Next Conference">) nofavor_button=(<IMG S\ RC= HEIGHT=\ 16 WIDTH=37 BORDER=0 ALT="Can't Favor">) bio_robot={...} post_button_src=(SRC=\ HEIGHT=16 W\ IDTH=31 BORDER=0 ALT="Post">) bgcolor=(FFFFCC) self=(read) what=(response) scrollup={...} twitlist=() rtype=(text/plain) bgimage=() button=(<IMG SRC=http\ :// HEIGHT=16 WID\ TH=16 BORDER=0 ALT=-&gt;>) help_button=(<IMG SRC=\ mo-1.4.6/image/pistachio/bgn/help.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=32 BORDER=0 ALT=Help>) cnt=2 admbutton=(brd) slipped=() confhome_button=(<IMG SRC=http://www.unixpapa\ .com/bt_demo-1.4.6/image/pistachio/bgn/confhome.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=68 BORDER=\ 0 ALT="Conference Home">) nrsel=(0-$) preview_button_src=(SRC=http://www.unixp\ HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=52 BORDE\ R=0 ALT="Preview">) boff=(<IMG SRC=\ /pistachio/ggn/) fw_erase_button=(<IMG SRC=\ .6/image/pistachio/brd/erase.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=38 BORDER=0 ALT="Erase">) global_footer={...} panel=[...] favor_button=(<IMG SRC=\ /bt_demo-1.4.6/image/pistachio/bgn/favor.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=37 BORDER=0 ALT=F\ avor>) remember_button=(<IMG SRC=\ istachio/bgn/remember.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=65 BORDER=0 ALT=Remember>) button_src=(SRC=\ on.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=16 BORDER=0 ALT=-&gt;>) badm=(<IMG SRC=http://www.unixp\ ncsel=() nonextitem_button=(<IMG S\ RC= HEIG\ HT=16 WIDTH=60 BORDER=0 ALT="No Next Item">) noreadnew_button=(<IMG SRC=http:/\ / HEIGHT=16 WIDT\ H=65 BORDER=0 ALT="No Read New">) format_item={...} logout_link=(<A HREF="http\ ://"><IMG SRC=http://\ HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=\ 48 BORDER=0 ALT="Logout"></A>\n) first=0 fw_button=(<IMG SRC=http://www.unixpa\ HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=16 BORDER=\ 0 ALT="=&gt;">) no_button=(<IMG SRC=\ e/pistachio/ggn/button.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=16 BORDER=0 ALT="--">) nextconf_button=(<IMG SRC=\ o/bgn/nextconf.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=62 BORDER=0 ALT="Next Conference">) disfavor_button=(<IMG SRC=\ o/bgn/disfavor.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=51 BORDER=0 ALT=Disfavor>) unseen_button=(<\ IMG SRC= H\ EIGHT=16 WIDTH=49 BORDER=0 ALT="Mark Unseen">) readnew_button=(<IMG SRC=http:/\ / HEIGHT=16 WIDT\ H=65 BORDER=0 ALT="Read New">) forget_button=(<IMG SRC=\ /bt_demo-1.4.6/image/pistachio/bgn/forget.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=42 BORDER=0 ALT=\ Forget>) nconf=() rcp={...} fw_edit_button=(<IMG SRC=\ t_demo-1.4.6/image/pistachio/brd/edit.gif HEIGHT=16 WIDTH=30 BORDER=0 ALT=Edit\ >) frames=0 System Dictionary: anonymity=0 since=@0 author_erase=1 texttype=(text/html) amadm=0 mayhide=0 http_headers=1 fw_retitle=1 blindfold=0 resp=1 editdate=@1128028338 hidden=0 id=() http_expires=@0 uid=-1 newbie=0 linktonew=1 sessions=1 homedir=() yapp_format=0 mayread=1 mayedit=0 ifav=1 expire_session=3600 mayretire=0 lastdate=@1412597129 canspell=1 flavor=(pistachio) scriptdir=(/usr/home/jv/jan\ /bt_demo-1.4.6/script) parentresp=0 saverep=0 fishbowl=0 maxresp=9 spell_lang=() expect_resp=0 userlist=0 authorid=(janc) spell_ignore=() authorname=(Jan Wolter) fw_erase=1 author_retire=1 csel=() http_location=() maypost=0 conf=(test) copyright=(Copyright 1996-2005, Jan Wolter and Steve Wei\ ss) conflist=(/usr/home/jv/jan/bt_demo-1.4.6/bbs/conflist) authoruid=2 http_pingback=() conftitle=(Test) [=mark isel=(2-$) linked=0 `=mark loglevel=0 cpass=() secret=0 canattach=1 fwlist=(janc) canemail=1 itemid=() auto_recompile=2 progname=(backtalk) grouplist=0 exec_limit=0 forgotten=0 keywords=() maxread=-1 mark=mark suppress_redirect=0 showforgotten=0 anonposter=(anon) mayseefname=1 publicflavors=(public,cinnamon) author_kill=1 http_no_cache=0 urlarg=() bbsdir=(/usr/home/jv/jan/bt_demo-1.4.6/bbs/) dbtype=() summary=() fw_hide=1 allowgraphics=1 alias=() stack_limit=0 nopwedit=0 attachments=() gid=-1 item=1 author_retitle=1 author_hide=1 frozen=0 scriptname=(read) mayfreeze=0 editfrozen=1 fw_edit=0 linkdate=@1128027542 mayretitle=0 cgiquery=(conf=test&csel=&item=1&isel=2-$&rs\ el=new&tmprsel=0-$) newuseropen=2 amfw=0 confid=0 post_log_file=(/usr/home/jv/\ jan/bt_demo-1.4.6/log/post.log) secure=1 rfav=2 http_content_type=(text/html) validatemail=0 maxitem=8 author_edit=1 mayresp=0 readdate=@0 author_freeze=1 allowanon=1 title=(Test Conference) mayseealias=1 maykill=0 noskip=0 confdir=(\ /usr/home/jv/jan/bt_demo-1.4.6/bbs/test) particip=( erased=0 date=@1128027583 favicon=() timezone=() text=() retired=0 loginlen=8 http_proxy=() rsel=(new) mayerase=0

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