Conference Instructions

If you do not create a personal conference account, then the system will not know who you are. Under these circumstances you can do little more than read the material posted by others. You will not be able to post your own comments, and the system will not remember what you have seen. This system has been set up so that it is very simple for you to create your own account for immediate use. You are strongly encouraged to fill out an account request and obtain your account. The remainder of these instructions assume that you have already done so.

This system is made up of a number of conferences. There is a menu of these conferences to choose from. Each conference can have a different topic, and you are free to pick and choose which ones are of interest to you.

Each conference is made up of items. Anyone may create a new item whenever they like. If you are going to create a new item, please try to select an appropriate conference for it so that items that fall within the same general topic area can all appear in the same conference.

When you are reading conferences, you may find some items are not of any interest. You are encouraged to "forget" these items, so that your conference reading can focus on only those items that are of interest to you.

Each item consists of a header which is entered by whoever creates the item, and this is followed by a linear stream of responses from others. It is a good idea to try to keep the discussion on topic, as defined in the header.

Responsible use

Remember when you use this system that your responses will be seen by all others who have access to this computer. You alone are responsible for the comments you post here. Your right to post here is granted with the understanding that you will not abuse it. If you post inappropriate material the system administrator(s) reserves the right to remove your comments, and if necessary, to withdraw your access to the system. Do not post vulgar or obscene material, threats or personal attacks. In short, do not use this system to diminish others' ability to enjoy it.