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Item 1: Welcome to the Backtalk Demo System

Entered by Jan Wolter (janc) on Thu Sep 29 16:45:25 2005:

This system exists to demonstrate Backtalk.  It's content is presumably
never going to be very interesting, but it's a place where you can try
things out.
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#1 of 14 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Thu Sep 29 16:52:49 2005:

These conferences have been restarted, because, well, I typed "rm -rf"
in the wrong directory while installing Backtalk 1.4.6.  Oh well.  It's
not like their previous incarnation was of any great historical value.

#2 of 14 by foafdsf (foo) on Fri Oct 21 16:53:45 2005:

Some funny stuff.

#3 of 14 by santosh (santi01) on Tue Feb 21 02:20:08 2006:

yaa this is great to have this kind of system to work with 

#4 of 14 by hedras perez (hedras) on Sun Mar 25 15:00:54 2007:


#5 of 14 by pippo peppa (olddog) on Thu Jul 12 10:42:27 2007:

hello i'm from Italy!

#6 of 14 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Wed Jul 25 23:53:09 2007:


#7 of 14 by Mark Boughan (mboughan) on Thu Sep 27 16:48:02 2007:

This is better than SOME of the conferences I've been to in person... 
about average though.  :-)

#8 of 14 by djo (djo) on Sat Feb 2 18:05:55 2008:

test 123

#9 of 14 by Benjamin Bagheri (bb0117) on Wed Jul 2 01:17:42 2008:

Hi, This is a sample comment!

#10 of 14 by Donald Garofalo (dg2829) on Sat Mar 14 13:45:30 2009:

I'm honored to respond to the demonstration site :)

#11 of 14 by kg (kg) on Sun Mar 15 05:34:49 2009:

uha uha

#12 of 14 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Tue Aug 11 14:37:56 2009:

I should look at this system more often.  Anything could be here.

In case it isn't obvious, backtalk has been pretty much unmaintained for
three years, though somehow I've recently fallen into making some fixes,
pushing back software rot, etc.

#13 of 14 by mikadosio (mikadosi) on Tue Mar 17 14:28:15 2015:

This response has been erased.

#14 of 14 by mike osullivan (mikeos) on Wed Feb 17 14:18:18 2016:

Just discovered this forum/conferencing system. Awesome! Please do not
give up maintaining this system. It seems very good. I have yet to see
much but this demo and i am very impressed.  

Kind Regards Mike

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