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Item 2: What's New

Entered by Jan Wolter (janc) on Thu Sep 29 17:25:30 2005:

Here's an item wherein I report what's new in the version of backtalk on
this site.
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#1 of 2 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Thu Sep 29 17:48:58 2005:

Backtalk 1.4.6 represents an attempt to finally merge the long diverged
1.3.x and 1.4.x branches.  For various reasons, Backtalk 1.4 has
non-backwards-compatible changes in the user databases.  This makes
upgrading a Backtalk 1.3.x system to a Backtalk 1.4.x system rather a
pain, but I think I now have a complete set of tools to do it.  This is
the first site I've actually upgraded though, so they may still be a bit
rough.  We also now have versions of all the interfaces that will work
for Backtalk 1.4.

So since upgrade is now at least theoretically possible, I'm going to be
declaring the 1.3 branch "stable" (which mostly just means I don't do
development there, only bug fixes), and finally retire the 1.2.x branch.

Major new things supported by 1.4:

  - Email validation.  You can set up backtalk to do email address
    validation when people register.  We send a message to them and
    when they click on the link in the message their account gets

  - Email privacy.  Users can now select from a range of options to
    control how private to keep their email addresses.  For example,
    I've set it to tile my name out of GIF images, making it a bit
    harder for spambots to harvest (which is actually kind of pointless
    because my email address is at about 100,000 places on the net).

  - Mail proxy.  There is a proxy mailer, by which logged in users can
    send mail to other users, possibly even if their addresses are not
    publically displayed.

  - Can now put some conference info - mainly indexes - into the SQL
    database.  Eventually I hope to be able to do a full SQL version
    of Backtalk.  Can't say why really - it's more likely to get slower
    than faster for most operations.

  - There is now an http client in Backtalk ... which isn't used for
    anything.  But it will be used to implement trackback/pingback
    protocols which are currently about half done.

  - It is now possible to enable anonymous posting on a per conference

#2 of 2 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Mon Jun 11 11:06:07 2007:

There's been kind of a hiatus in backtalk development, while I worked on
other projects, but I'm actively programming again.  Hope to get some
new versions released before very long.

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