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Entered by Jan Wolter (janc) on Thu Sep 29 16:59:02 2005:

Why do you need a test conference on a test system? Why history, of course.
Back in the dawn of neo-digital era, when dinosaur's roamed the earth and
Picospan was the coolest conferencing software around, all Picospan systems
started with a "general" conference and a "test" conference. So, go ahead and
continue the 25-year tradition of testing. Test your tests here!
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#1 of 9 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Thu Sep 29 16:59:43 2005:

Speaking of testing. I should test file attachments. He's a picture of my kid.

#2 of 9 by harian (harian) on Wed Dec 7 04:11:21 2005:


#3 of 9 by ictmax (ictmax) on Sat Mar 4 09:24:28 2006:

Cái này như 3C

#4 of 9 by hedras perez (hedras) on Sun Mar 25 14:59:15 2007:


#5 of 9 by Jay Swanson (jay) on Mon Jul 30 01:22:04 2007:

Testing... 1,2,3

Just checking things out.  I am completely new to this so I'm not sure
what I am doing.  

#6 of 9 by alex wood (woods) on Mon Jun 1 01:22:33 2009:

#7 of 9 by john saleeby (njohn) on Tue Sep 8 17:20:11 2009:

This response has been erased.

#8 of 9 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Tue Sep 3 12:42:27 2013:

Another test.

#9 of 9 by Tobias Meier (tobias) on Mon Oct 6 08:05:29 2014:

Hello, testing unixpapa. is this working?

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