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Item 6: Still can't find my earlier thread

Entered by john saleeby (njohn) on Tue Sep 8 17:55:19 2009:

Where did it go?
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#1 of 3 by john saleeby (njohn) on Tue Sep 8 17:58:27 2009:

That was convoluted

#2 of 3 by balaji (balaji) on Wed May 19 05:08:50 2010:

Hi i'm new to this web conference

#3 of 3 by Jan Wolter (janc) on Wed Jun 9 15:31:09 2010:

I really should read this more than once a year.

Backtalk focuses on displaying material you haven't already read.  So
when you go to the item list for the conference, you normally see only
items that have new posting to them since the last time you read the
conferences.  So topics you have already seen which have had no activity
in them disappear until there is new activity in them.

On the list of topics page on the front of the conference, there is a
checkbox with which you can ask to see "all" topics instead of only
"new" topics.  Then you'll have no problem finding your thread.

There are no more items selected.

You have several choices: