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Booktalk Classroom Conferencing System

Copyright 1996-2002, Jan Wolter and Steve Weiss


Booktalk is a variation of the Backtalk system developed for the Canton Public Library PULSE system. It designed to be used in schools, with conferences for each classroom under the control of a teacher and all-school conferences shared by all. You can see the original site at

To install Booktalk, you first need to install Backtalk, and then install two add-on packages. The bubblegum package contains the enduser interface used by Booktalk. It's a simplified kid-friendly interface to conferencing. The booktalk package itself contains a customized set of administrative tools specially tuned to make administration of school conferences easy. Complete installation instructions for the whole Booktalk system are in booktalk package.

Booktalk and Backtalk are available free of charge under a standard Gnu License. You can download them here.

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