Backtalk Administration Guide:

Getting to the Admin Menu

Version 1.1.2

© 1996-2003 Jan Wolter, Steve Weiss

Most administrative tasks using the web interface start at the administrative menu. Getting there the first time is a bit non-obvious. Once you are there, you should bookmark the page, so you can jump directly there in the future.

The URL of the adminstration page is printed at the end of the install process. If you didn't note it then, here are some clues for figuring it out (the exact URL is going to be somewhat installation dependent). The URL typically looks something like:
One way to figure it out is to log into backtalk as you normally would, and edit the URL that shows up in your browser's "Location" box. It will normally have "/pw/backtalk/" somewhere in the middle. Replace everything after the "/backtalk/" with "admin/begin". Then replace the "/pw/" with "/adm". Go there.

When you goto this URL, you will be asked to login again. You'll need to login using an account that has administrative powers. The install scripts create one such account, always named "cfadm" and prompts you to set its password. We recommend using that, but it is possible to created more administrative accounts (any account in group 'cfadm' is an administrative account).

Note that "adm/backtalk" and "pw/backtalk" are two identical programs in different locations. The only function of having two is that it becomes possible to be logged into two different accounts at the same time, which is convenient if you suddenly want to do some administrative stuff when you were already logged into your own account. Without this, you'd have to log out of your own account before logging into the administrative account. Since logging out requires exiting all browser windows, this would be annoying.

Once logged in, you should see the administrative menu.