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This is the core backtalk system, including the pistachio and abalone interfaces.

Some older versions are no longer kept on-line, to conserve disk space.

Backtalk Version 1.4.x Branch
1.4.12devel1362492 bytesJul 2 2010Important bug fixes.
1.4.11devel1325052 bytesAug 13 2009More updates to make it work properly with more recent Unix versions. More work on email. Probably a somewhat subpar release in terms of stability.
1.4.10devel1309527 bytesAug 11 2009Compatibility with newer versions of Berkeley DB.
1.4.9devel1300109 bytesMay 9 2006Bug fixes. Autoconf update. 64-bit processor support. Partial email support.
1.4.8devel1091060 bytesNov 9 2005Bug fixes
1.4.7devel1091720 bytesNov 3 2005Bug fixes
1.4.6devel1087456 bytesSep 29 2005Upgrade tools and docs, bug fixes, robot exclusion.
1.4.5devel1068741 bytesJun 24 2005Anonymous posting and bug fixes.
1.4.4devel1069160 bytesJun 24 2005Fixes, and prep for future features.
1.4.3devel1061933 bytesMay 5 2005Small fixes, and prep for future features.
1.4.2devel1038828 bytesNov 23 2004Small enhancements and more RSS support.
1.4.1devel1033447 bytesNov 10 2004Small bug fixes and cinnamon support.
1.4.0devel1032309 bytesJul 12 2004Validation of email addresses. Improved protection of email addresses from spam address harvestors. Start of SQL-based conference indexing.
Backtalk Version 1.3.x Branch
1.3.30stable1216680 bytesAug 10 2009Belated release with some bug fixes.
1.3.29stable1206044 bytesMay 9 2006Bug fixes. Autoconf update. 64-bit processor support.
1.3.28stable1016731 bytesFeb 8 2006Bug fix.
1.3.27stable1016648 bytesNov 20 2005Bug fix.
1.3.26stable1016609 bytesNov 9 2005Dumpuser bug fix.
1.3.25stable1016567 bytesNov 3 2005Bug fixes.
1.3.24stable1015418 bytesSep 29 2005Robot exclusion, bug fixes.
1.3.23devel1012711 bytesJun 23 2005More bug fixes.
1.3.22devel1012614 bytesMay 27 2005More bug fixes.
1.3.21devel1012540 bytesMay 26 2005Bug fix for annonymous reading.
1.3.20devel1012455 bytesMar 1 2005Fix to tagfile bug introduced in 1.3.18 release.
1.3.19devel1012367 bytesJan 26 2005Small but important fix to IE incompatiblity introduced in previous release.
1.3.18devel1012253 bytesJan 25 2005Signficant bug fixes. Dumpuser.
1.3.17devel1004644 bytesNov 23 2004Small enhancements and more RSS support.
1.3.16devel1002384 bytesNov 10 2004Bug fixes and cinnamon support.
1.3.15devel1000202 bytesJul 7 2004Significant fixes and enhancements to session handling for --login=form configurations. Fixes to email sending.
1.3.14devel1000038 bytesJun 2 2004Support for some odd configurations.
1.3.13devel999532 bytesJan 2 2004Major bug fixes for attachments and sessions.
1.3.12devel1003089 bytesOct 30 2003Bug fixes.
1.3.11devel1002936 bytesOct 28 2003Bug fixes.
1.3.10devel999020 bytesSep 3 2003Strip javascript entities out of tags in HTML posts.
1.3.9devel998554 bytesAug 6 2003Bug fixes.
1.3.8devel997147 bytesJul 25 2003Fixes for rare configurations.
1.3.7devel996308 bytesJun 29 2003Sends 'welcome' email when new accounts are created. Improved session ID generation.
1.3.6devel986984 bytesJun 17 2003Compilation bug fixes for --disable-attachments flag.
1.3.5devel986704 bytesJun 13 2003Compilation bug fix for systems with Unix logins.
1.3.4devel985335 bytesMay 7 2003Bug fixes and non-working fragments of email support.
1.3.3devel974709 bytesApr 30 2003Attachment addition/deletion/editing tools. Bug fixes.
1.3.2devel969884 bytesApr 7 2003First draft of attachment support. Not really ready for prime time.
1.3.1devel941514 bytesMar 14 2003Minor enhancements for odd configurations.
1.3.0devel939691 bytesMar 11 2003Abalone converted to use cascading style sheets. Vanilla removed from distribution.
Backtalk Version 1.2.x Branch
1.2.37stable958957 bytesNov 23 2004More RSS support.
1.2.36stable958494 bytesNov 10 2004Bug fixes and cinnamon support.
1.2.35stable957419 bytesJun 25 2004small fixs.
1.2.34stable957319 bytesJun 25 2004tiny fix.
1.2.33stable957322 bytesJun 2 2004tiny fix.
1.2.32stable957266 bytesJan 2 2004minor documentation fixes.
1.2.31stable956947 bytesOct 30 2003Trivial bug fixes.
1.2.30stable956992 bytesOct 28 2003Bug fixes.
1.2.29stable956856 bytesSep 4 2003Bug fixes.
1.2.28stable956766 bytesAug 6 2003Bug fixes.
1.2.27stable956461 bytesJul 25 2003A fix for a rare configuration.
1.2.26stable956429 bytesJul 23 2003Fixed a bug for Unix login systems.
1.2.25stable956317 bytesJul 17 2003Two tiny bug fixes.
1.2.24stable956294 bytesJun 29 2003Big fixes to Fronttalk support.
1.2.23stable955598 bytesJun 22 2003Biggish bug fix.
1.2.22stable954818 bytesJun 20 2003Minor install script bug fix.
1.2.21stable955562 bytesJun 17 2003Several minor bug fixes.
1.2.20stable954703 bytesApr 29 2003Two bug fixes.
1.2.19stable954512 bytesApr 29 2003Two bug fixes.
1.2.18stable954413 bytesApr 26 2003Several small bug fixes.
1.2.17stable952393 bytesApr 13 2003Bug fix and Yapp compatibility fix.
1.2.16stable952344 bytesApr 9 2003Minor fixes.
1.2.15stable952260 bytesApr 7 2003Minor fix.
1.2.14devel952239 bytesApr 5 2003Minor fixes.
1.2.13devel952625 bytesMar 13 2003A couple significant bug fixes.
1.2.12devel952483 bytesMar 11 2003Minor Bug fixes, documentation updates.
1.2.11devel950179 bytesMar 8 2003Bug fixes.
1.2.10devel949170 bytesMar 5 2003HTML formatting improvements. Lots of bug fixes.
1.2.9devel944909 bytesMar 1 2003Posting Logs, bug fixes. Flakey.
1.2.8devel934310 bytesFeb 26 2003More web Yapp compatibility, text formatting and other fixes.
1.2.7devel919337 bytesFeb 17 2003Abalone feature upgrades, minor bug fixes.
1.2.6devel909478 bytesJan 21 2003Minor bug fixes.
1.2.5devel909470 bytesDec 3 2002Minor bug fixes.
1.2.4devel902802 bytesOct 28 2002Mostly bug fixes.
1.2.3devel902370 bytesOct 5 2002Favorite items, private item titles, user settable conference colors. Many bug fixes.
1.2.2devel881605 bytesSep 9 2002Major abalone feature upgrades. Unusually flakey.
1.2.1devel847661 bytesAug 25 2002Performance improvements. Script language extensions.
1.2.0devel833311 bytesAug 8 2002Compatibility with Yapp 3.0.
Backtalk Version 1.1.x Branch
1.1.25stable833334 bytesMar 5 2003Minor portability bug fix.
1.1.24stable833262 bytesFeb 26 2003Minor bug fix.
1.1.23stable833256 bytesJan 13 2003Minor bug and grammar fixes.
1.1.22stable833222 bytesDec 3 2002Minor bug fixes.
1.1.21stable833141 bytesOct 14 2002Fixed broken "Allow HTML without images" option.
1.1.20stable833220 bytesOct 5 2002Minor portability fix.
1.1.19stable833153 bytesSep 20 2002Small bug fixes.
1.1.18stable832939 bytesSep 9 2002Not quite so small bug fixes.
1.1.17stable832602 bytesAug 25 2002Small bug fixes.
1.1.16stable832524 bytesAug 23 2002Fixed Abalone's overzealous creation of participation files plus several small fixes.
1.1.15stable831132 bytesAug 8 2002Several small bug fixes.
1.1.14stable831074 bytesJun 27 2002Minor documentation fixes.
1.1.13stable831015 bytesJun 26 2002Improved https support. Minor Abalone enhancements.
1.1.12stable831099 bytesFeb 12 2002Significant bug fixes. Minor Abalone enhancements.
1.1.11stable825559 bytesFeb 6 2002Bug fixes. Script tutorial.
1.1.10devel824787 bytesFeb 3 2002MySQL support. Significant bug fixes.
1.1.9devel808647 bytesJan 17 2002Minor bug fixes.
1.1.8devel808099 bytesJan 2 2002Pistachio and motd enhancements.
1.1.7devel Nov 28 2002(Limited Release) Modularized authentication system. Partial SQL support. Session IDs. Fronttalk support. Bug fixes.
1.1.6devel742107 bytesOct 1 2001Minor bug fix.
1.1.5devel742037 bytesJun 18 2001Many bug fixes.
1.1.4devel734243 bytesJan 24 2001GPL. btinstall script.
1.1.3devel734502 bytesJan 21 2001Spell cheking. Bug fixes.
1.1.2devel725522 bytesJan 11 2001User groups. Integration of account creation. Dynamic loading. Admin tool improvements. Booktalk support. Bug fixes.
1.1.1devel599326 bytesJun 26 2000Bug fixes. Minor pistachio improvements.
1.1.0devel592946 bytesMay 31 2000Abalone. Better regexp code.
Backtalk Version 1.0.x Branch
1.0.9stable518886 bytesJan 24 2001GPL. Bug fixes.
1.0.8stable521216 bytesJan 21 2001Bug fixes.
1.0.7stable520916 bytesJan 11 2001Bug fixes.
1.0.6stable520556 bytesJan 7 2001Bug fixes.
1.0.5stable520250 bytesDec 29 2000Bug fixes.
1.0.4stable519858 bytesJun 26 2000Bug fixes.
1.0.3devel519759 bytesJun 1 2000Bug fixes.
1.0.2devel519694 bytesMay 7 2000Bug fixes.
1.0.1devel519390 bytesApr 25 2000Many bug fixes. Keyword configurability. Yapp compatibility fixes. Participation lists. Pistachio conference summary, read unseen, mark seen.
1.0.0devel508393 bytesApr 11 2000Autoconf. Portability improvements. Response editing. Install manual.
Backtalk Version 0.9.x Pre-Release Branch
0.9.13devel459373 bytesMay 24 1999Bug fixes.
0.9.12devel459218 bytesApr 19 1999Bug fixes. Bozo filter.
0.9.11devel457255 bytesApr 9 1999Global headers. HTML fixes.
0.9.10devel Apr 1 1999HTML posting enhancements.
0.9.9devel453127 bytesMar 23 1999Bug fixes.
0.9.8devel452584 bytesMar 11 1999Initial new items configurability. Broke out pwauth.
0.9.7devel465148 bytesMar 5 1999HTML postings enhancements. Bug fixes.
0.9.6devel461842 bytesFeb 26 1999HTML postings. Passworded conferences. Y2K and 2038 fixes. Bug fixes.
0.9.5devel420593 bytesDec 1 1998Bug fixes.
0.9.4devel414032 bytesFeb 28 1998Response slip-in trap. Conference titles. Full disk testing. Bug fixes.
0.9.3devel405918 bytesFeb 2 1998Bug fixes.
0.9.2devel Jan 6 1998Cookies. Command line admin tools. Conference menu database. Hotlist editing. Timezones.
0.9.1devel Nov 10 1997Item indexing. Bug fixes.
0.9.0devel Oct 6 1997Script compilation. Admin manual.

Bubblegum Kid-Friendly Interface

The bubblegum interface is a simplified interface, originally designed for use by school children, but also useful for other applications.
bubblegum-1.2.481493 bytesSep 29 2005for Backtalk 1.3.24 or 1.4.6 or later
bubblegum-1.2.381323 bytesNov 10 2004for Backtalk 1.3.15 or later
bubblegum-1.2.281296 bytesJul 7 2004for Backtalk 1.3.15 or later
bubblegum-1.2.181271 bytesMay 8 2003for Backtalk 1.3.2 or later
bubblegum-1.2.081199 bytesApr 7 2003for Backtalk 1.3.2 or later
bubblegum-1.1.768597 bytesMar 14 2003for Backtalk 1.2.10 - 1.3.1
bubblegum-1.1.668399 bytesMar 5 2003for Backtalk 1.2.10 - 1.3.1
bubblegum-1.1.568377 bytesMar 1 2003for Backtalk 1.2.9
bubblegum-1.1.468338 bytesFeb 25 2003for Backtalk 1.2.8
bubblegum-1.1.368329 bytesFeb 17 2003for Backtalk 1.2.2 - 1.2.7
bubblegum-1.1.268261 bytesOct 5 2002for Backtalk 1.2.2 or later
bubblegum-1.1.168275 bytesAug 25 2002for Backtalk 1.2.1
bubblegum-1.1.068352 bytesAug 8 2002for Backtalk 1.2.0
bubblegum-1.0.668408 bytesFeb 13 2002for Backtalk 1.1.8 - 1.1.x
bubblegum-1.0.568306 bytesFeb 6 2002for Backtalk 1.1.8 - 1.1.x
bubblegum-1.0.467017 bytesFeb 3 2002for Backtalk 1.1.8 - 1.1.x
bubblegum-1.0.366732 bytesJan 2 2002for Backtalk 1.1.8 - 1.1.x
bubblegum-1.0.266171 bytesJun 24 2001for Backtalk 1.1.3 - 1.1.5
bubblegum-1.0.166156 bytesJun 15 2001for Backtalk 1.1.3 - 1.1.4
bubblegum-1.0.066073 bytesJan 24 2001for Backtalk 1.1.3 - 1.1.4

Gumball/Gumdrop Single-Conference/Single-Item Interfaces

The gumball interface presents a single conferences without links to other conferences. The gumdrop interface presents a single item without links to other items. With these tools, a single item in a conference can be used as a blog or guest book, without having it obviously be part of a larger system (though, of course, the same conference or item could also be viewed through the standard interfaces). These interfaces are actually wrappers around the bubblegum interface, so bubblegum must be installed for them to work.
gumball-0.1.010828 bytesMar 14 2003for Backtalk 1.3.1 or later
and Bubblegum 1.1.7 or later

Papaya Yapp-like Interface

The papaya interface provides a look and feel similar to that of web Yapp (specifically web Yapp as installed on M-Net before they converted to Backtalk). It's mainly interesting to long time web Yapp users.
papaya-1.1.552895 bytesMay 9, 2006for Backtalk 1.3.24 or Backtalk 1.4.6 or later
papaya-1.1.452467 bytesSep 29 2005for Backtalk 1.3.24 or Backtalk 1.4.6 or later
papaya-1.1.351443 bytesNov 23 2004for Backtalk 1.3.17 or later
papaya-1.1.250942 bytesNov 10 2004for Backtalk 1.3.15 or later
papaya-1.1.150900 bytesJul 7 2004for Backtalk 1.3.15 or later
papaya-1.1.050881 bytesApr 7 2003for Backtalk 1.3.2 or later
papaya-1.0.450148 bytesMar 5 2003for Backtalk 1.2.10 - 1.3.1
papaya-1.0.350115 bytesMar 1 2003for Backtalk 1.2.9
papaya-1.0.250052 bytesFeb 25 2002for Backtalk 1.2.8
papaya-1.0.149959 bytesOct 5 2002for Backtalk 1.2.2 - 1.2.7
papaya-1.0.049834 bytesAug 25 2002for Backtalk 1.2.1

Vanilla Text-oriented Interface

Vanilla was the original interface Steve Weiss implemented for Backtalk. It is included in the basic Backtalk distribution until version 1.3.0, when it was broken out as a separately distributed package. It is heavily text-oriented, being designed to work will with text browsers like lynx. It's feature set is somewhat impoverished, and not much is being done with it except to keep it working as Backtalk evolves.
vanilla-1.3.524168 bytesSep 29 2005for Backtalk 1.3.24 or Backtalk 1.4.6 or later
vanilla-1.3.422830 bytesJan 12 2005for Backtalk 1.3.15 or later
vanilla-1.3.322793 bytesNov 10 2004for Backtalk 1.3.15 or later
vanilla-1.3.222676 bytesJul 7 2004for Backtalk 1.3.15 or later
vanilla-1.3.122722 bytesJul 17 2003for Backtalk 1.3.0 or later
vanilla-1.3.022686 bytesMar 11 2003for Backtalk 1.3.0 or later

Wasabi Web Magazine Interface

Wasabi was developed for my personal weblog, except it isn't exactly a web log. It presents a backtalk conference as a collection of articles, which may be updated from time to time by the author of the article. Readers may make comments and veiw comments from other users, but these are de-emphasized by the interface design. This interface is still immature, and not as easily configurable for other sites as I would like.
wasabi-1.0.519070 bytesJun 11 2007for Backtalk 1.4.6 or later
wasabi-1.0.418990 bytesSep 29 2005for Backtalk 1.4.6 or later
wasabi-1.0.318513 bytesJun 24 2005for Backtalk 1.4.5 or later
wasabi-1.0.218293 bytesMay 5 2005for Backtalk 1.4.2 or later
wasabi-1.0.117337 bytesNov 10 2004for Backtalk 1.4.0 or later
wasabi-1.0.016860 bytesJul 12 2004for Backtalk 1.4.0 or later

Cinnamon Syndication Interface

Cinnamon is an interface that provides RSS (version 0.91, 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0) or Atom (version 1.0) feeds from a Backtalk site.
cinnamon-0.8.624559 bytesNov 8 2005for Backtalk 1.3.17 or later
cinnamon-0.8.524539 bytesJun 27 2005for Backtalk 1.3.17 or later
cinnamon-0.8.419567 bytesMay 4 2005for Backtalk 1.3.17 or later
cinnamon-0.8.319447 bytesNov 23 2004for Backtalk 1.3.17 or later
cinnamon-0.8.218052 bytesNov 14 2004for Backtalk 1.2.36 or 1.3.16 or 1.4.1
cinnamon-0.8.116784 bytesNov 12 2004for Backtalk 1.2.36 or 1.3.16 or 1.4.1
cinnamon-0.8.016333 bytesNov 10 2004for Backtalk 1.2.36 or 1.3.16 or 1.4.1

Booktalk Admin Tools and Installation Documents

This is not a user interface, merely a set of very specialized admin tools built for the Canton Public Library's PULSE system. It is only interesting if you are planning to build an extremely similar site.
booktalk-1.0.119579 bytesOct 5 2002for Backtalk 1.2.2 or later
booktalk-1.0.019417 bytesJun 18 2001for Backtalk 1.1.5 or later

Fronttalk Command Line Interface

The Fronttalk distribution contains both the server scripts and the client Perl program. The 'gate' text gatherer is recommended for use with the client program.
fronttalk-0.9.2100503 bytesSep 29 2005for Backtalk 1.2.9 or later
Backtalk 1.4 compatibility.
fronttalk-0.9.1100174 bytesFeb 2 2005for Backtalk 1.2.9 or later
More bug fixes and enhancements.
fronttalk-0.9.096415 bytesJan 31 2005for Backtalk 1.2.9 or later
Many bug fexes and enhancements.
fronttalk-0.3.791814 bytesJan 25 2005for Backtalk 1.2.9 or later
Readline support, job control fixes, "read since" fixes.
fronttalk-0.3.684684 bytesJan 2 2004for Backtalk 1.2.9 or later
Add support for servers with form-based authentication.
fronttalk-0.3.583939 bytesDec 27 2003for Backtalk 1.2.9 or later
Minor changes and addition of two omitted files.
fronttalk-0.3.482613 bytesMar 1 2003for Backtalk 1.2.9 or later
Minor changes.
fronttalk-0.3.382240 bytesJan 21 2003for Backtalk 1.2.3 - 1.2.7
Bug fix.
fronttalk-0.3.282122 bytesOct 28 2002for Backtalk 1.2.3 or later
Bug fix.
fronttalk-0.3.182078 bytesOct 7 2002for Backtalk 1.2.3 or later
Favorites, private item titles.
fronttalk-0.3.079693 bytesAug 8 2002for Backtalk 1.2.0 or later
Yapp 3.0 compatibility.
fronttalk-0.2.479695 bytesFeb 6 2002for Backtalk 1.1.9 - 1.1.x
Report server version.
fronttalk-0.2.379557 bytesFeb 3 2002for Backtalk 1.1.9 - 1.1.x
Find, Fixseen and participants commands. Bug fixes and performance improvements.
fronttalk-0.2.275075 bytesJan 4 2002for Backtalk 1.1.9 - 1.1.x
Help files. Installation instructions. Misc features.
fronttalk-0.2.1 Dec 26 2001for Backtalk 1.1.7
Dynamic loading. Misc features.
fronttalk-0.2.0 Dec 18 2001for Backtalk 1.1.7
'Read' code speedup. Misc features.
fronttalk-0.1.1 Dec 5 2001for Backtalk 1.1.7
Bug fixes. Interupt handling.
fronttalk-0.1.0 Dec 4 2001for Backtalk 1.1.7
Initial version.
Gate Text Gatherer (used with Fronttalk)
gate 2.05a57722 bytesDec 21 2003config script bug fix
gate 2.0557674 bytesJun 19 2003Portability improvements
gate 2.04c35557 bytesDec 31 1998 

E-Mail Jan Wolter
Thu Sep 29 18:06:35 EDT 2005

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