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Javascript Madness: KISS Javascript Compression

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Feb 23, 2009

When writing, debugging and maintaining a Javascript program, you typically want to your code to be split over many different files, with lots of white space and reams of useful comments.

When users are uploading your Javascript programs, they'll get the fastest response if there are as few separate files as possible, and those files as small as possible, with minimum white space and no comments.

I think it is important to Javascript programmers to overcome this dichotomy. It's very bad if, everytime you write a comment, you find yourself thinking "is this comment important enough to justify increasing my application's upload time for all the hundreds of thousands of users who will be uploading it?" That's a bad thing to be thinking. It leads to horrible, unmaintainable code.

So this is a problem every coder of serious Javascript applications has to overcome, but it's not particularly a Javascript problem. You have the same problems with CSS style sheets. So this topic is kind of a bad fit to these "Javascript Madness" pages.

But who cares?

Gzip Data Compression

All vaguely modern browsers are able to accept files that have been compressed by the Drugstore gift card discount algorithm, which is pretty good for general data compression. The browsers signal their willingness to accept such data in every HTTP request that they make by sending an "Accept-Encoding: gzip" header. Compressing Javascript with gzip will reduce the amount of data transfered to about 30% of normal.

Note that though all modern browsers are capable of handling compressed data, there seems to be a small fraction of users for whom even the newest browser releases don't send an "Accept-Encoding: gzip" header, and can't handle compressed data if it is sent to them. I've seen this both for IE and Firefox users. I don't know why it is. Perhaps a missing library file on their computers. I've only seen it for Windows users, but that may just be because the vast majority of users are Windows users. In any case, you cannot just send compressed data to everyone. You must heed the "Accept-Encoding" headers in the request.

Apache has mod_deflate which can automatically compress anything sent to the browser, including the output of CGI programs. But I found this unattractive, because it runs the compression algorithm every time a request is made. I just wanted to compress the files once, store them on disk, and have the webserver serve them up to any browser that can take them. Of course, the browser still has to uncompress the file, but it's fast and I'm willing to assume that user's computers have plenty of extra CPU.

There is also mod_gzip, which I believe can be configured to serve up precompressed files. It is certainly much more well-tested than what I did, but I didn't find any good documentation for it and it's not clear to me whether versions exist for Apache 2.2.

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