Pro-Both      Preserving Life by Promoting Choice

How to Support Pro-Both?

For the moment, at least, pro-both is just an idea. There's no campaign to join, and no organization to donate money to. Perhaps there should be.

Word of Mouth

If you like the idea, and would like to support it, then the thing to do is talk about it. Use the word. Use the ideas. Bring them into abortion discussions. Post about them in your blog. That's how you feed an idea.


There has been a series of legislative initiatives along pro-both lines that are worth supporting. The most recent incarnation is known as the Prevention First Act of 2005 (S.844, H.R.1709). It is an omnibus bill which
  • provides funding for family planning services,
  • allows states to expand Medicaid coverage of family planning services to people with incomes up to double the poverty level,
  • requires health plans to cover contraceptives to the same extent they cover other perscription drugs,
  • funds public education programs on emergency contraceptives,
  • requires that hospitals provide information about emergency contraceptives to rape victims,
  • provides funds for teenage pregnancy prevention programs, and
  • replaces the restriction on some federally funded programs that bars them from giving any information about contraceptives except failure rates with a requirement that they include full information.
Write your senators and congressmen in support of these bills.


Copyright April 2005 - Jan D. Wolter