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There are two currently maintained releases of Backtalk:

Bubblegum Kid-Friendly Interface

The bubblegum interface is a simplified interface, originally designed for use by school children, but also useful for other applications.

Latest release: bubblegum-1.2.4

Gumball/Gumdrop Single-Conference/Single-Item Interfaces

The gumball interface presents a single conferences without links to other conferences. The gumdrop interface presents a single item without links to other items. With these tools, a single item in a conference can be used as a blog or guest book, without having it obviously be part of a larger system (though, of course, the same conference or item could also be viewed through the standard interfaces). These interfaces are actually wrappers around the bubblegum interface, so bubblegum must be installed for them to work.

Latest release: gumball-0.1.0

Papaya Yapp-like Interface

The papaya interface provides a look and feel similar to that of web Yapp (specifically web Yapp as installed on M-Net before they converted to Backtalk). It's mainly interesting to long time web Yapp users.

Latest release: papaya-1.1.5

Vanilla Text-oriented Interface

Vanilla was the original interface Steve Weiss implemented for Backtalk. It is included in the basic Backtalk distribution until version 1.3.0, when it was broken out as a separately distributed package. It is heavily text-oriented, being designed to work will with text browsers like lynx. It's feature set is somewhat impoverished, and not much is being done with it except to keep it working as Backtalk evolves.

Latest Release: vanilla-1.3.5

Wasabi Web Magazine Interface

Wasabi was developed for my personal weblog, except it isn't exactly a web log. It presents a backtalk conference as a collection of articles, which may be updated from time to time by the author of the article. Readers may make comments and veiw comments from other users, but these are de-emphasized by the interface design. This interface is still immature, and not as easily configurable for other sites as I would like.

Latest Release: wasabi-1.0.5

Cinnamon Syndication Interface

Cinnamon is an interface that provides RSS (version 0.91, 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0) or Atom (version 1.0) feeds from a Backtalk site.

Latest Version: cinnamon-0.8.6

Booktalk Admin Tools and Installation Documents

This is not a user interface, merely a set of very specialized admin tools built for the Canton Public Library's PULSE system. It is only interesting if you are planning to build an extremely similar site.

Latest Version: booktalk-1.0.1

Fronttalk Command Line Interface

The Fronttalk distribution contains both the server scripts and the client Perl program. The 'gate' text gatherer is recommended for use with the client program.

Latest Version: fronttalk-0.9.2

Gate Text Gatherer (used with Fronttalk): gate 2.05a

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Thu Sep 29 18:06:35 EDT 2005

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